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Duroblade® and durorod™ for paper and board applications

high-performance solutions for the coating and metering of paper and board



IPI Durorod is an IPI product developed in conjunction with BTG to enhance sizing, pigmenting and coating quality of base paper.

Utilizing our knowledge of ceramics gained from our work with high-performance ceramic coating blades, IPI Durorod comes in HD (heavy-duty) ceramics, providing the best performance and wear-resistance for high-end products.

State-of-the-art machinery and production processes guarantee high-precision rods with reliable and enduring performance. The polished, mirror-like finish of IPI Durorod ensures that a smooth, flat film is delivered to the paper.

Improved machine runnability and paper quality - hence increased productivity - have been proven in different paper grades and on different machines.

The purchase of IPI Durorod provides our users with access to some of the most advanced technical service capabilities in the world. BTG, along with IPI, has in-depth knowledge of the many facets of the film application process and is familiar with every coater, film press or size press manufacturer. This know-how is made available to our customers and is used to ensure that every application of our products is optimized.


  • Improved productivity and paper finish
  • Superior rod lifetime
  • Even coating appearance
  • Best performance thanks to high-quality components


  • Smooth ceramic-coated rods
  • Superior wear-resistance
  • Welded, screwed-on or re-usable drive ends
  • Grooved rod applications available

IPI Durorod-Ceramic is made of 316L stainless steel and comes in high-quality ceramics. The ceramic thickness is 0.2-0.25 mm. The hardness for HD ceramics is 1600 Vickers. The tolerance for ceramic thickness variation is
/- 0.0025 mm.
The tolerance for roundness/straightness on the rod is /- 0.0127 mm. The ceramic thickness varies from the standard of 50 microns up to 250 microns for the most demanding applications.

Length diameter and drive-end design are as per your specification or available on request.

Rod dimensions:

  • Diameters: 8-45 mm / 0.31-1.75 in
  • Lengths: 300-10'000mm/0.98-32.81ft

Durorod is a registered trademark.
Both the product and the manufacturing process are patented

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