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Duroblade® and durorod™ for paper and board applications

high-performance solutions for the coating and metering of paper and board



BTG produces Shoe Press wiper blades (ENP Wipes) to replace existing shoe press wipes. the shoe press (also known as ENP-Extended Nip Press) has a rotating blanket or sleeve. The blanket/sleeve is a polyurethane material and is lubricated by oil as it passes over the shoe press load zone.

ENP Wipes are used to doctor excess oil from the inside of the blanket. BTG ENP Wipes are specially designed doctor blades to more efficiently remove oil from the blanket.

The wiper blades are made of Lexan, a high-strength polycarbonate material with very good chemical resistance. The Lexan material is compatible with the oil environment and will not damage the inside surface of the polyurethane blanket/sleeve. The wipes will last for an extended time and are usually changed on maintenance cycles.

BTG offers all the standard wipe designs used for blanket wipes.
BTG's IPI Wipes are available in Lexan. Lexan is the only appropriate material as it works well in the oil environment. BTG maintains a stock of raw material, hence short delivery cycles are possible. Normal delivery time is two (2) weeks' manufacturing time.


  • All OEM Designs
  • Lexan Wiper Blade Material

BTG uses polycarbonate Lexan 303. Standard thicknesses are 1,2 or 3mm (0.039, 0.078, 0118").

Blades designs vary by machine, so a sketch or drawing is required to determine actual blade shape. BTG Engineering will then produce a technical drawing prior to manufacturing.

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